Thursday, January 23, 2014

Something in the Works

Pentecostal? Charismatic? Love Liturgy?
    • Are you a Pentecostal or Charismatic that is concerned about the current trend that seems to emphasize entertainment in our worship services?
    • Are you from a more traditional church background, but long to see a genuine move of the Holy Spirit in our services without the hype?
    • Do you enjoy the freedom of contemporary worship, but appreciate the beauty of a more traditional Liturgy?
    • Do you miss such things as: the element of reverence, congregational prayer and Scripture reading, weekly Holy Communion?
We are "testing the waters," so to speak, to get an indication of the level of interest in a possible new church in the Twin Cities.

We will begin meeting on Fridays during Lent: March 7, 2014, through April 18 - Good Friday, 2014, for a "trial run." This will be a time of prayer, worship, Scripture, and Communion.
Check back here for time and location and further details.

 In the mean time, you may contact me at: